Scale & Stand-off Scale models  have always been my favourites,

                                                  I have been designing and flying them for many years, and did win many contests all over Europe;

National Results: Between 1982 and 2004, I was:

                                                 24x Dutch National Champion ! :

                                                                             9x in Waterflying  (continous from 1982 till 1990!)

                                                                             3x in  F4C (FAI Scale), 

                                                                             3x in Large Scale

                                                                             9x in Stand-off  Scale.


                                  International Results: Between 1988 and 2004, I was:     

                                                                             8x Dutch Open Champion Stand-off  Scale  + 2x Runner-Up.

                                                                    1x German Open Champion Stand-off  Scale. (The only foreigner ever !) + 2x Runner-Up.

                                                                    6x EUROPEAN CHAMPION  Stand-off  SCALE  ( Europa Star Cup)+ 1x Runner-Up & 1x 5th.

                                                                    1x Winner Graupner Euro Bodenlake Cup for Scale Waterplanes. + 1x 3rd.

                                                                              Winner of 40 International Scale Contests in: NL, D, P, CZ, A, CH, F, GB, B.


                                                        So why have you never seen my name in the F4c lists of European or World Championship contestants?                           
Being a teacher, my commitments prevent me attending these a week-long competions and my princepal, then,
                                                 would not allow me one week time-off, even not on unpaid basis!










      My love affair with WO II Warbirds,
      (and especially the american Bomber B-17 Flying Fortress) began many years ago.
      As a young boy, building and flying Free-Flight gliders in the late 50ties and early    
      60ties, I dreamed that I would build some day a large Flying Fortress.


      At that time it seemed like an impossible dream, but it was just a matter of time!
      With expierence gained, later in the seventies, on RC Models including Multi-engined,
      and flying F3A aerobatic contests, it was time to put the dream into Reality.